Jonny Woo: Wonder Woo-Man

Jonny Woo: Wonder Woo-Man. Jonny Woo.

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Cabaret starring Jonny Woo that was performed at Assembly George Square Gardens at 10:30pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2012.

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Venue details

3: Assembly George Square Gardens

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Award-winning 'Tranny Superstar' (Time Out) Jonny Woo brings a host of surreal characters, songs and tongue twisters in this rollercoaster hour of modern cabaret. The Scouse Pope, Spam Ayres and Wonder Woo-Man are interspersed with hilarious tales from his club kid days, a show-stopping lip-synched finale plus the best legs in the business. The ultimate one man/woman variety show. 'The b*st*rd love child of Kenny Everett and Marlene Dietrich' (Times). 'Dionysus was a Greek god who ruled parties, raised disguised in a dress to fool jealous deities. He would have liked Woo' (Ken Russell, Comedian).