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Gravity Boots. Gravity Boots. Copyright: BBC.

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Australia's newest underground hit Gravity Boots hit Edinburgh this year. Their debut show (Shortlisted for the Bank SA's Top Act at the 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival) is a surreal hour of weird sketches, live music and absurdly believable characters. While the master's away the cats will play with his fantastic, thinker-tinkering story bulbs; pelicans and aliens, devil children, cloud motels and nightclub owning geckos. The oddly skewed Gravity Boots universe is vast and unfettered. Come and experience it. 'Darkly intelligent, beautifully written, wonderfully performed' ***** (

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Visitor reviews

  •   Jim Bryson
    Intelligent and thought provoking script performed in hugely entertaining professional manner. Quirky and innovative scenarios unfold with strange and surreal characters. It is easy to see why they became popular in Adelaide. This is comedy of originality and world class standard.
  •   Eamon Frost
    Really enjoyed the show, they really aim high, a spot on mix of theatre and comedy, Unexpected and fun.