Fran Moulds: Significant Human Error

Fran Moulds: Significant Human Error. Fran Moulds. Copyright: Associated-Rediffusion Television / Rediffusion London.

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Stand-up show / sketch show starring Fran Moulds performed on the following days in August 2012...

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Debut solo show from Radio 4 comedian Fran Moulds, featuring six original characters including Dan Riley, a horndog theologian, Ryan, a base-jumping Aussie legend, Morgana Haught, the celeb correspondent for a liberal broadsheet, and Sarah, the teenager from Bolton who's just converted to Islam. Not controversial. 'Versatile and accomplished' ( 'Beautifully performed. Precise and humane' (Times). 'Talented and extremely funny' (

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Debut comedy show from BBC Radio 4 character comic Fran Moulds. Significant Human Error is a show about mistakes and change, told through six hilarious and original characters.

Samantha Powell - welcoming you to a Welsh Mining Museum, at which there is no overt political agenda and no problems whatsoever. Dr. Dan Riley - Christian academic and former rock drummer, Dan presents his radical theories. Sex is a conversation, is a conversation he wants to have with you. Timalana Giovanni - story workshop your Story. Everyone has a Story. What is Story? Story is me. Story is all of us. Ryan Dawlish - base-jumping and climbing legend, Ryan has funded his own DVD, Ryan's Rocks: Ryan Rocks. Can Ryan handle the adrenalin of a crippling financial loss? Sarah Leather - a teenager from Bolton who has converted to Islam. Her weekly YouTube video diary is full of top tips for girls like her. Morgana Haught - highly-educated celeb correspondent of a liberal broad sheet loves herself except when she hates herself; feminist except when women make elementary fashion errors.

Fran Moulds is a writer, actress and comic performer. She gigs regularly on the character comedy circuit and was a member of the Umbrella Birds, a critically acclaimed, four-woman sketch group, also starring in their BBC Radio 4 series, The Ladies.

Fran's extensive work in theatre includes a number of shows with award-winning, internationally acclaimed immersive theatre company punchdrunk. She has also performed in events with gaming agency Coney and four shows with multinational storytellers YouNeedMe, with whom she is a core member. Fran trained with the Company Song of the Goat in Poland and at LISPA (London Institute for Performing Arts). The show is directed by Adam Brace.