Denis Krasnov's Hour of Intellectual Filth

Denis Krasnov's Hour of Intellectual Filth.

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Comedy starring Denis Krasnov performed on the following days in August 2012...

On 6th and 7th tickets are two for one.

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So filthy it's poetic. Some ideas simply can't be expressed without swearing. Uncontested king of the genre, this New York comedian returns with his inaugural best-of 10 years! Don't come, if mentioning human body-parts makes you uncomfortable. Don't expect simple d*ck jokes either, expect d*ck jokes about Large Hadron Supercollider. 'One of the best Gong performances I have seen at the London Store, Denis's mad style instantly connects with the audience. He treats provocative topics with originality and hammers home a tight set full of very, very funny lines.' (Alex Rochford, Comedy Store Management).

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