Povs And Hefter Unsensored

Povs And Hefter Unsensored. Image shows from L to R: Catherine Povinelli, Naomi Hefter. Copyright: London Weekend Television.

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Stand-up show starring Catherine Povinelli and Naomi Hefter performed on the following days in August 2012...

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Two nations join forces for 10 hot nights to bring you their personal insight on what it's like to be misunderstood. Povs and Hefter Uncensored will make you wet your pants and shock your socks off with tales and confessions from alternate sides of the globe. One, explicitly funny and daring. The other, a unique style and a remarkably quirky face full of expressions. Come and join them on the bus and strap on your seat belt for the ride of your life!

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Person Role
Catherine Povinelli Self
Naomi Hefter Self