Unhappy Birthday

Unhappy Birthday. Amy Lamé.

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Theatre starring Amy Lamé performed on the following days in August 2012...

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You're invited to Amy's birthday party; so is Morrissey. Will he turn up? Immerse yourself in cake and quiffs, beer and balloons, party poppers and pass the parcel against a soundtrack of nostalgic teenage obsession. Director: Scottee.

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Amy Lamé invites you to her birthday party. Morrissey's invited too; will he arrive clutching a bunch of flowers? Will he turn up at all? Cake and quiffs, balloons and beer, party poppers and pass the parcel collide against a soundtrack of teenage obsession in this immersive, interactive show/party.

Unhappy Birthday cracks open celebrity; flays fat, fandom and faith, and probes the pains of growing up. It will appeal to anyone who has ever been a pop music fan, experienced teenage angst, or been crushed by unrequited love.

Co-founder and hostess of the infamous Olivier award winning London club/collective Duckie, Amy creates a culture clash of party, performance and poncing about. Unhappy Birthday is Waiting for Godot for the pop generation.