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Tony Law: Go Mr Tony Go!

Tony Law: Go Mr Tony Go!. Tony Law.

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Stand-up starring Tony Law that will be performed at The Stand Comedy Club at 12pm (noon) for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2011.


Is Tony Law a way of doing comedy? A standuppy, sketchy, impro-ey, arty comedy show for people who are already funny. 'Clever and blithely zany, just what the doctor ordered' **** (Telegraph). 'Detritus of rambling non sequiters' * * (Rebecca Ross). 'Kept audience howling with laughter for the whole hour' (Forth). 'You feel as if you've been to a masterclass' (Stage). 'Antidote' (Fest), 'Demented genius' ( 'Meandering inventiveness' (Skinny). 'He talks bollocks, basically' ( 'Scrappy, under-prepared - he is also the best comedian I have seen so far this year. Highly recommended' **** (ThreeWeeks).

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Tony Law is widely regarded by the comedy industry as one of the best comics on the circuit. This year he is bringing his own special brand of funny to the Fringe by asking the question we've probably all asked ourselves at some point. Namely; Is Tony Law a way of doing comedy?

Mixing delightful, flawless twaddle, with some genuinely insightful forays into what it is that makes comedy comedy (or anti-comedy), Tony Law (that's Mr Tony Law to you) presents a standuppy, sketchy, impro-ey, arty little comedy show for people who are already funny.

The show is shaping up like art. Confusing art. But art to do with comedy.

Come and see for yourself.