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2011 Edinburgh Fringe

Steve Hall review

Steve Hall

I'd heard that some reviews for Steve Hall have said the audience weren't very receptive to his jokes or delivery. However, that wasn't my experience, and I thought this was a genuinely good hour of stand-up. The audience at this gig were lively and constantly laughing. There didn't appear to be any lulls during the course of the hour. The only real silence came from Hall's poignant words about missing his wife, and this came near the end of the show to bring the whole thing together.

Steve Hall's Very Still Life starts off quite crudely with material related to Hall's general hairiness and some fart gags, but the We Are Klang star does quickly supply some genuine laugh-out-loud moments related to sticking up for himself at a train station, online Scrabble chat, and living with the reality that he will never be the world's most famous Steve Hall due to a certain TV show.

However, amongst all this, revolves the main thrust of the show: his wife's refused VISA entry to the UK and the story of them both trying to get back together after this separation. It's a truthful and revealing set and it is well worth being in this comedian's company for the sixty minutes.

In fact, what with the room being so small, he might just talk without the mic to make the show all that more intimate. A very strong performance from Steve Hall; just a man and (sometimes) a microphone making you laugh whatever way he can, even if it does involve quoting his rather un-PC dad in the process.

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