Sam Simmons

Sam Simmons.I think I'm going to struggle to adequately describe Sam Simmons's show in this review. This is extreme surreal entertainment, and is definitely for a certain sort of person - but not others. If you like your comedy truly and utterly twisted, and mind-bendingly obscure, then you can't do much better than Simmons.

Under the pretence of a lecture focusing on questions that have been sent to him, Simmons has a framework to let you into his obscure and silly world. Along the way you encounter various food products, talking animals, characterised objects and crazed re-enactments. Many of us in the audience find this hilarious, some find it confusing, and some simply have to walk out. This is one of the most interesting parts of Simmons' show, to gauge others responses to the off-the-wall happenings in front of them. The walkouts and audience divides make the show feel exciting and dangerous.

Simmons does well to keep the pace fluid during this hour, and also to keep the variety. Surreal shows can become relentless, yet Simmons punctuates the time well with songs, set pieces and interaction. Unlike many Fringe performers, Simmons is able to incorporate audience participation effortlessly without ever losing pace. It speaks volumes about a performer's skills and experience that they are able to keep control of a situation with such professionalism even under such surreal circumstances.

The show is silly and obscure, yet clever and incredibly well put together. Simmons goes on a character changing and questioning journey throughout the piece, and you have an overriding sense that you went on this journey with him.

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