Miracles at Short Notice

Miracles at Short Notice. Copyright: Associated Television.

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Musical starring Alex Monks, Lily Hannant, Ben Holt, Arran Peters, Louisa Smith, Helena Prettyman, Alice Wright, Sam Rayner, Oliver Milton, Verity Cooper and 7 more performed on the following days in August 2011...

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Miracles at Short Notice combines the subversive wit and ruthless satire of Saki's best-loved stories with a lively score by the writer of Tony Blair - the Musical (2007 total Fringe sell-out). Scandal threatens Lady Blemley's house party when her cat learns to talk; the secret sins of every guest are soon household gossip and only a miracle can save their reputations. Fortunately, young ne'er-do-well Clovis is present, and miracles at short notice are his speciality...

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Person Role
Alex Monks Self
Lily Hannant Self
Ben Holt Self
Arran Peters Self
Louisa Smith Self
Helena Prettyman Self
Alice Wright Self
Sam Rayner Self
Oliver Milton Self
Verity Cooper Self
William Rhodes Self
Ben Young Self
Alistair Bourne Self
James Lark Self
Hector Hugh Munro Self
John Moule Self
James Pharaoh Self