Jeff Mirza's Jihad: Heresy Or Hearsay

Jeff Mirza's Jihad: Heresy Or Hearsay. Copyright: Channel X.

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Stand-up starring Jeff Mirza that was performed at Underbelly, Cowgate at 10:40pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2011.


Prophets or losses? Blasphemy or Blast-for-me? See Muslim comic Jeff Mirza's hilarious jihadi fuelled 'faith off' about world beliefs fresh from a tour of Saudi Arabia. Do beards really matter? Why was JK Rowling being discussed at the local Mosque? Nectar Points or Clubcards: which is halal? Are gay Muslims allowed? Can cousin marriages, burqas, consumption of meat, inquisitions and crusades really help one get to heaven? Allah, Buddha, Christ, Dawkins, or Darwin - none are spared. Just don't shoot the messenger! Jews and Hindus welcome. Ramadan Mubarak!


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      • ClansMan
        Not hilarious. Nectar points or Clubcards not discussed. Which is Halal not mentioned. Gay muslims, cousin marriages, burqas, consumption of meat et al not mentioned. No humour content whatsover; no satire; perhaps an "off night" for the performer. Proved more entertaining on the Royal Mile when promoting the show himself. Low-light of the Fringe for me.