The Godley Hour

The Godley Hour. Janey Godley. Copyright: Central Independent Television.

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Stand-up starring Janey Godley that was performed at Pleasance Dome at 9pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2010.


Things happen inside and outside Janey's head. Every year her Edinburgh show is like listening to an over-friendly cleaner telling you all the things that ever happened in her life, but in a funny way. There are stories to be told, some political, some whimsical, some plain daft, some involve talking animals, but all funny and wonderfully spun from the multi-award-winning Scottish comic.


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Janey is also performing daily at the Pleasance Queen Dome with daughter Ashley Storrie in their lunchtime children's show BIG STORRIE & wee godley.

Janey has been called the hardest-working comic in Britain. Bestselling author, playwright, multi-award-winning stand-up, award-winning blogger and former Scotsman newspaper columnist, she has been called "Scotland's funniest woman... the godmother of Scottish comedy" (Scotsman), "The most outspoken female stand-up in Britain... The most ribald and refreshing comedy talent to have risen from the slums of Glasgow since Billy Connolly" (Daily Telegraph) and "One of Scotland's finest onstage treasures" (Guardian)