2010 Edinburgh Fringe

Richard Herring - Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming

  • (60 minutes)
Richard Herring - Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming. Richard Herring. Copyright: BBC

'Jesus was cool, it's just all the people who follow him who are such idiots. He's like the Fonz in that respect.' 'Hitler Moustache' star and avowed atheist resurrects and revamps his first and favourite solo show, exploring his strange obsession and affinity with the Messiah. 'I'm not saying I am Jesus ... that is for other people to say.' Asking all the great theological questions like: 'Why did Jesus always call Simon 'Peter'? Is it like the way Trigger always calling Rodney 'Dave'?' 'Top-notch' (Chortle); 'Hilarious' (Guardian); 'The best comic of his generation' (GQ).



Date Time Venue
5th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
6th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
7th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
8th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
9th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
10th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
11th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
12th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
13th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
14th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
15th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
16th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
17th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
18th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
19th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
20th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
21st Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
22nd Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
23rd Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
24th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
25th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
26th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
27th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
28th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
29th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard
30th Aug 21:45 Pleasance Courtyard


Press articles

Richard Herring's Edinburgh

This year will be Richard Herring's 19th Edinburgh Fringe, having taken an impressive total of 27 shows there over the years. We get him to look back over some of his best and worst memories...

Richard Herring, Spoonfed, 26th August 2010

Video: Richard Herring interview

Richard Herring likes to keep busy...

Tommy Holgate, The Sun, 13th August 2010

My Edinburgh: Richard Herring, comedian

It was the first Saturday of the Edinburgh Fringe. I'd just finished my show and I was back in my flat drinking herbal tea on my own. What has become of me? I have become old. And I am attempting to get through the entire festival without a single drink of alcohol. What madness is this? Alcohol is all that has got me through my previous 18 Fringes.

Richard Herring, The Independent, 13th August 2010

Theatre reels in Herring's religious comedy

A South Wales theatre has cancelled the appearance of a controversial comedian on the grounds of offending Christians - despite local religious groups failing to see a problem with his appearance.

Kathryn Williams, Wales Online, 6th August 2010

Richard Herring interview

An interview with Richard Herring.

!nspired, 6th August 2010

Edinburgh Interview: Richard Herring

Emma McAlpine chats to long-distance Fringe runner Richard Herring about performing his first and favourite solo show again, why live comedy is so important to him and how his attitude to the Festival has changed over the years...

Emma McAlpine, Spoonfed, 4th August 2010

The Fringe Interview - Richard Herring

Richard Herring used to be on Telly. This year he'll be performing his 27th stand up show (his 19th at the Fringe). He'll be offending/ amusing people in equal measure throughout the Fringe with his show 'Christ on a Bike'. He answers the Edinburgh Girl's burning questions.

Edinburgh Girl, 29th July 2010

More details

Jesus Christ - Son of God! Saviour of mankind! Superstar! Richard Herring - Son of Keith, a retired headmaster! Once saved a spider that had become trapped in his bath, only crushing three of its legs in the process! Hosted 10 episodes of a chat show about poker on a satellite channel which subsequently closed down! At first sight they have little in common. Or do they?

The star of last year's critically acclaimed Hitler Moustache returns to Edinburgh for his 19th Fringe and incredibly his 27th show. This time he's revisiting and substantially reworking his first and favourite solo work, Christ on a Bike. Now ten years older than the Messiah when he died, has Herring achieved as much with his life?

"Last year the show was about Hitler. This year it's about Jesus. My target audience is clearly Pope Benedict."

As a committed atheist why is Herring so obsessed with Christ? Is he scared he might be wrong to be so dismissive? Does he feel that Christ's true intentions and message have been subverted by his followers? Or does he secretly hope, in his heart that he might be Jesus, back at last, just like he promised, only about 2000 years later than planned?

"I'm not saying I'm Jesus... that is for other people to say."

Along the way he asks all the great theological questions: Why did Jesus always call Simon, "Peter"? Was it the same as the way Trigger always called Rodney "Dave"? What ever happened to the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh? Wouldn't they have made a humble biblical family like the Christs wealthy beyond their wildest dreams? What happened to Lazarus the second time he died? How many weeks would you have to attend Roman Catholic Holy Communion before you had consumed an entire Jesus?

"My problem isn't with Christ, but with the hypocrisy of the Christians. Jesus is cool. It's just all the people who follow him are such idiots... he's like The Fonz in that respect."

Combining child-like guile with rigorous academic research, Herring attempts to discover the true historical Jesus, find out why he is all things to all men, discovers a mistake on the very first page of the New Testament and tries to ascertain if Jesus ever really did walk like a lady and wear a bra.

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