Please, Not The Face: A Free Sketch Show

  • Sketch show
  • 9:30pm (1 hour)
  • 18-28 Aug 2010
  • Bar 50 (27)
  • Free
Please, Not The Face: A Free Sketch Show.

Show details

Sketch show starring Ian Conday, Owen Hughes, Mabel Slattery, Nicholas Pearson and Jess Webb performed on the following days in August 2010...

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Sketches and that. 'Really funny stuff' (James Henry, Green Wing, Smack the Pony). Warning: may contain nuts and other such euphemisms.

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Full press release

Please, Not The Face will be bringing their fast-paced comedy sketch show to this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and will be performing at Bar 50 at 21.30pm from the 18th to the 28th of August, as part of PBH's Free Fringe. "It's a mix of styles", says Ian Conday, who is one of the writer/performers of the show, "ranging from a poignant World War I sketch about a soldier returning home to his wife, to a sketch about poo."

Please, Not The Face are a mixed bunch from the Devon and Cornwall area, consisting of three students from University College Falmouth, a civil servant from Plymouth, and a tramp. "I really appreciated them letting me inside to rehearse during the winter months", says Owen Hughes, who is another of the show's writer/performers. "They even let me write some sketches, which mostly involved their characters bringing me hot food."


Person Role
Ian Conday Self
Owen Hughes Self
Mabel Slattery Self
Nicholas Pearson Self
Jess Webb Self