My Life As A Footnote - Free

My Life As A Footnote - Free. Dave Cohen. Copyright: BBC.

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Musical starring Dave Cohen performed on the following days in August 2010...

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Perrier nominee, Comedy Store Players founder-member: Fringe veteran Dave Cohen's first show in 16 years: a true story, a one-man poem about young love, great music... and Phil Collins. 'Superb, hilarious ... fantastic script, beautifully directed and performed' (Sue Odell, Sue Odell Casting). Now a successful comedy writer (Have I Got News For You, Not Going Out, award-winning 15 Minute Musicals), 51-year-old Dave has eschewed the Porsche and the affair, opting for performing as his choice of mid-life crisis. 'Great comic talent' (Daily Mail); 'Hilarious songs' (Evening Standard); 'Charmingly candid' ('Pick of the Week', Radio 4).

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Five young Fringe comedians meet up and perform a series of comedy improvisations to an audience of three sleeping drunks and an off-duty policeman. The Comedy Store Players are born.

25 years and several thousand shows later, Neil Mullarkey is still a regular performer with the Players, Kit Hollerbach still teaches impro comedy...

...and comedian and writer Dave Cohen is back at the Fringe with My Life As A Footnote, his first new one-man show in 16 years: a stand-up poem about young love, great music - and Phil Collins.

So the question is: whatever happened to the other two comedy improvisers, Paul Merton and Mike Myers?

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