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I would be stalemating every time playing that fast as well. Very difficult to learn from mistakes and the checkmate patterns playing fast time controls which is why I stick to 3+ days a move. Bullet games are good to watch but it's more about avoiding blunders and not losing on time than strategic thinking and creating brilliance (some tournaments have brilliancy prizes and I think that lad from The Fast Show presents them on behalf of FIDE)

Brilliance in a bullet game would be equally if not more impressive than a classical game. I'm not sure what the stats are with brilliance ratios across the time controls.

Yesterday I met my old headmaster (when they still called them that) from my old Junior school (when they still called them that too)
We were both out walking and I recognised him even though he told me later he was 98.
I asked him if he remembered me and he said yes, he did. I thought he might be just being nice but he continued ' you had two sisters in lower classes' and he named them.
This was from the mid-1960's. That's some memory

You're lucky you never owed him money.

Much like the girl who was driving the Beatles mad all those years ago I got a ticket to Ryde. And here I am...


Just boarded a flight to Denver. In 22 hours I'll be in Dublin. I had three hours of sleep, so this should be fun.

About to depart Boston. Exhausted.

Quote: DaButt @ 29th March 2024, 2:26 AM

About to depart Boston. Exhausted.

And all this time I thought it was in Massachusetts.
Safe travels.

Quote: DaButt @ 28th March 2024, 11:03 AM

Just boarded a flight to Denver. In 22 hours I'll be in Dublin. I had three hours of sleep, so this should be fun.

Hope you have a great trip DaButt :) You always seem to be going on hols not that I'm envious or anything! I received my first Irish passport last year but have not christened it yet so hopefully later this year it will either be Ireland to visit family, Spain to work in a bar or Salzburg to visit the Mozart museum. In the coming years I'm also hoping to re-visit New York. As a teetotal non-smoker overseas travel is now much more accessible.


Quote: Definitely Tarby @ 29th March 2024, 5:06 PM

Hope you have a great trip DaButt :) You always seem to be going on hols

100% of my family members live 1000+ miles away, so every visit requires a flight or two. My country is too damn big.

Dublin is a nice city - even the meth smokers we spooked in the alley gave us a wave.

Lots of Guinness on offer, so I'm content.

At the Dublin airport for the flight to Edinburgh. Had a great time in Tullamore, Galway, and Athlone.

Sitcom Mission competition entry finished, but will fiddle until last moment. Thought I'd try an old one as well that I wrote for an old competition that changed it's entry conditions so I couldn't enter it. (Not targetting me personally) (I hope). I did send it to the actor who I imagined for the lead role as I had nothing else to do with it and he was quite positive about it. "Pleasing silliness with some good gags and could be done cheaply". Halfway through Lindt Bunny and a bit sick of it now.

Got an unanticipated £6.96 refund from my previous mobile phone provider this morning (having recently changed providers - not a smart phone I hasten to add).

Then got a refund of £10.90 from Southern Railway for getting me home 30 minutes late from the Isle of Wight last week.

Then checked my Premium Bonds this month & won £50.

Off now to spend 3 x 50p coupons in Waitrose and get a free coffee. Perhaps I should pop into William Hill's on my way home...

You're on a roll! Go on, stick a grand on some mad bet - you can't lose! Can you?

Must be the time of year. 30 years ago I was given a watch in a will. It was in its original case, with the receipt and an insurance valuation.
It has stayed in a drawer since then. Recently, I decided to have it valued online with several companies. I played them off of each other - showing what I had been offered. I sent it to the highest bidder to be assessed. Today I had an email to say the money was paid into my bank. Nice.

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