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2 Point 4 Children

Can anyone help me; I would like to know where they filmed the outside scenes in London? Thank you for your help!

Found it though the title's spelt wrong

I think it's become an accepted variation.

But it should be 2Point4 :(

I'm a purist (I think that's the right word)

... so where was it filmed then?

8. Filming Locations

Although set in the fictitious Chepstow Road, Chiswick, most of the exterior scenes of the house and street were filmed in Meon Road, Acton; and earlier on, Duke Road in Chiswick.

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My mate put that on there, lol.

Though Andrew Marshall says it was a different road to Meon, he says it was Devonshire or Derbyshire on IMDb.

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HMV have 2point4 Children listed as a pre-release. How accurate will this be?

As it's not a specific product, I wouldn't read too much into it. I've seen shows similarly listed that have never been released. Equally, some that have. Not a sign, unfortunately.

But perhaps a tiny glimmer of hope?

I saw Birds of a Feather once, months later it turned out to be the re-released series 1, was fuming Pirate

Quote: David Carmon @ June 12 2010, 2:39 AM BST

But perhaps a tiny glimmer of hope?

Not really.

Stop ruining my dreams! :)

Don't know where the location was, but it should have been a very dark place where we couldn't see their painfully cringey goings on. The second location should have been the big dustbin at the back of the studios. Sorry Dave :O

Quote: David Carmon @ June 14 2010, 7:39 AM BST

Stop ruining my dreams! :)


Why do you like this programme so much? I happened to think it was pretty funny but couldn't see me obsessing over it. Using my Sherlockien powers of deduction: Were you in your formative years when watching the show, and had a crush on the mum, or maybe her sister? Come on, 'fess up

Your "Sherlockien powers of deduction" need fixing. If a crush is affecting his view of the series, I suspect it'd be for David, the son.

(And the character was the mother's best friend, not sister.)

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