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Little Britain. Image shows from L to R: Matt Lucas, David Walliams. Copyright: BBC / Little Britain Productions.

Little Britain

Matt Lucas and David Walliams take a comic look at British life in this character-based sketch series


Tommy Griff

  • Sunday 3rd November 2019, 6:03pm
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Quote: Rood Eye @ 2nd November 2019, 12:51 PM

Love it or loathe it or be completely indifferent to it, Brexit is currently the hottest topic in Britain.

Accordingly, it's not entirely unreasonable for the Little Britain boys to knock out a sketch show based upon that topic.

I have to say that, overall, the show was very good indeed - with some superb comedy touches.

As a Brexiteer myself, I assumed this would mock us little Englanders/knuckle-draggers entirely. But actually, it was quite fairly evened out across the political spectrum.

I was adamant Walliams and Lucas would use this as an opportunity to implement their political agenda into this one-off. Matt Lucas has of course played-up to the pressures in entertainment to be as woke as possible:

However, Lucas found an exception to play an Eastern European in one of the Little Brexit sketches - as well as continuining to mock gays etc.

I still find Little Britain funny. But Walliams and Lucas, like many in the entertaiment industry are infuriatingly woke, to win their precious browny points.


Rood Eye

  • Sunday 3rd November 2019, 7:17pm [Edited]
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Quote: Tommy Griff @ 3rd November 2019, 6:03 PM

Walliams and Lucas like many in the entertaiment industry are infuriatingly woke, to win their precious browny points.

Never a truer word.

It's tragic to see once-outrageous comedians grovelling at the altar of political correctness in order to keep the money flowing into their already colossal bank accounts.

Luckily, several comedians like Walliams, Lucas and Frankie Boyle are talented enough to be (fairly) funny without being outrageous and so they are still likely to be entertaining TV audiences for years to come.

Their sell-out, nevertheless, remains a reminder that almost anybody's soul can be bought for the right price.



  • Monday 4th November 2019, 6:45am [Edited]
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I think we're all forgetting that Little Britain really became quite a tired old catchphrase regurgitating factory somewhere into its second series. I enjoyed this one off for nostalgia reasons, but let's not rewrite history to make Little Britain more than it was.