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  • Thursday 27th September 2018, 12:54pm
  • Wakefield, England
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Can I just say,I think the things you can get in the Ronnie Barker collection is a great bargain, I've had to buy them separately, and I didn't know there was a boxset with Porridge ect, until a few weeks back. I must have spent 40-50 pounds maybe more buying them separately, I should have bought the boxset for 22 pound, that's a bargain for what you get IMO.

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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

  • Thursday 31st October 2019, 3:46pm
  • England
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So I've been looking for a copy of "The Wrong Box" for a while now that range in price from around a fiver to £15 and then you may have post involved, so decided I wouldn't spend anymore than £5 inc. post. Missed out on a couple at around £3 + and then this one appeared at only 25p! Plus £2 post

One bidder with a high feedback score so I thought I would snipe him as he appeared to be a big buyer and so waited patiently ..................................
Banged in my usual odd figure bid with 5 seconds to go of just under £3 and............................NO challenge and no one else bidding, so I got it for 30p! Bargain or what!