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  • Tuesday 20th May 2008, 4:47am
  • Australia
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It's a shame that the DVD release had totally different music. The whole "BBC can use whatever music they want on the telly" thing came back to bite them on the arse.

Makes me wish I'd recorded the whole lot off the telly in the first place.



  • Tuesday 20th May 2008, 10:39pm
  • England
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That's very true. The music helps so much with the feel of the show I bet it misses so much without the original soundtracks.
Were they allowed to keep the bits for Clive and the Cottager? Don't know what they're called, I think the first one's by Goldfrapp?


Tapped Silver

  • Wednesday 23rd February 2011, 8:17pm
  • England
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Yes. The song's Lovely Head by Goldfrapp and I'm sure they use the original version on the DVD.

Series 2 and 3 still haven't been released on DVD. If they are released I would definitely buy them. :)



  • Saturday 25th February 2012, 8:46pm
  • Manchester, England
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You can purchase a few legitimate episodes from 2 & 3 on iTunes. If you favour more illegitimate means...I've managed to acquire all of series 2 & 3 - if anyone wants them feel free to get in touch!



  • Thursday 22nd March 2012, 12:59pm [Edited]
  • Norwich, England
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Unfortunately I didn't see this show until years after its original broadcast, when a friend recommended it to me. I bought the Series 1 DVD and loved it. I guess if I really looked (or used iTunes) I could get the rest on-line, but quite frankly I like having a nice offical DVD sitting there on my shelf. Still haven't seen Series 2 & 3 (barring a few clips on YouTube).



  • Monday 14th May 2012, 6:30pm
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So underrated. Best sketch show of the noughties imo



  • Friday 21st September 2012, 12:28pm
  • England
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Just watched the first series, thought it was pretty good. Its a shame the next two series aren't out and I would have liked to have seen it on TV to hear the original music too. Oh well.



  • Thursday 21st March 2019, 5:50pm
  • Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Last post from 2012!? This is hands down one of the best sketch shows ever made. Where's the love yo? Watching this late at night when I was a kid made me want to get into comedy. My whole writing style is based about this show. As I've got older I've found some of the sketches to be less funny and too of it's time, but the classics are better than ever. Timmy and his Dad will forever live on in my heart as the best recurring sketch on the show, but you have Clive, The powerful ad exec, the Paedofinder general, the rubbish terrorists, and so many more amazing sketches.

Shame the Beeb aren't daring enough to make a show like this anymore...