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Quote: zooo @ April 3 2010, 11:29 PM BST

Why? It's not like it was 20 years ago. It's one of their more recent projects, and they've said they want to do more similar things.

I just don't think they're going to do anything better. Comedians more often than not tend to run out of funny after they've been at it for as many years as these chaps have. As I say, I hope they'll prove me wrong.

I think the Smell of was as good.

I love Catterick, but I prefer Smell of and Bang Bang.

Sounds like an expensive order in a cheap Thai brothel.


Quote: zooo @ April 4 2010, 12:04 AM BST

I love Catterick, but I prefer Smell of and Bang Bang.

Catterick, Big Night Out, Smell, Bang Bang for me.

The Weekenders pilot was also brill.

I found the DVD for Catterick in HMV a few years back now and it was the only copy in the whole shop! :D Loved the show and wished they had done more of it!

I loved this and watched it repeatedly. Available for a pittance in hmv last time I checked.

I loved Catterick. I picked up the DVD a few years ago and was gripped. Watched the whole series in one day. There were some great cameos and the storyline was great. It's a shame there was not a second series, as there was a rumour that a second series of the show would be shown online. However nothing ever happened. Vic stated that there would not be a second series of the show, but he would maybe do a show with the police guy. Nothing happened though.
House Of Fools was great and I hope it returns for a third series.

I recommend Catterick.

Re-watched this, which according to Bob Mortimer's autobiography is his and Vic's favourite TV show they did together. It's fantastic at combining those dramatic elements with their wordplay, it's like Psychoville but moreso.

If The Glove is in the same vein then I'm really looking forward to it.