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I loved it. Great story telling and a range of good characters, as always with V&B.

Quote: David Chapman @ March 22, 2007, 11:47 PM

When Catterick comes out let me know.

As Martin says, it's been out for ages. For almost 2 whole years, in fact.

See Amazon product listing

I was only aware of it when it was repeated recently (probably a year ago now though). I'll look out for it. Thanks

Watched this and although it isn't as full-on funny as Vic and Bob can be, I think the narrative, characters, and dark drama more than make up for it and turn it into something better than the component parts. I'll definitely rewatch it. And it's dirt cheap on Amazon - I got mine for 3.50.

The narrative was handled particularly skillfully. The highlight moment was Morwenna Banks' awesome lipsynch to the Joni Mitchell song. My hair stood on end in a nice way.

Some things that left me questioning though:
What was the unseen creature in the woods in the final 2 episodes or is it simply a nod at past horrors?

Who was in the pub, watching them at the very end? - the obvious is Shearsmith or the lady that played his mum but I don't think the eyes indicate either.

On IMDB the ending is described as a masterpiece of existentialism, anyone know why it would be considered as such?

Answers or URL to a site that does know would be fab.

Star jump!

Quote: sootyj @ April 3 2010, 6:36 PM BST

Star jump!

Is that like a polite reference to starf%%k? :O ;) *lol*

More Bob's super power in the series.

Quote: sootyj @ April 3 2010, 6:37 PM BST

More Bob's super power in the series.

I knew. :P But you reminded me of another puzzle in the end:

Don't you think it was odd Bob said "Star jump" and then did a star jump off the caravan after defeating the psycho, although he wasn't there to see Shearsmith do exactly the same thing earlier?

It was Reece watching them at the end. :)

That does make sense. :)

Every clip of this I have seen made me laugh. What an amazing ensemble cast, filmed like David Lynch but not so pretentious and a lovely subtle underplayed Vic and Bob script.

The best thing Vic and Bob ever did.

Would be brilliant just for Detective Keith Fowler (aka Kinky John in another world) - "We made love in a number of locations I had personally cordoned-off".

Quote: Tim Walker @ April 3 2010, 10:44 PM BST

The best thing Vic and Bob ever did.

They're not dead! Maybe, one day, they'll actually make another show together. Not Shooting bleeding Stars either. Much as I enjoy that.

And yes, Catterick was great, and I think possibly the best thing they've done.

Quote: Matthew Stott @ April 3 2010, 11:21 PM BST

They're not dead!

I know, I know... I'd be surprised (and very pleased) if they ever produce anything better though.

Why? It's not like it was 20 years ago. It's one of their more recent projects, and they've said they want to do more similar things.

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