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Thank God You're Here. Image shows from L to R: Clive Anderson, Hamish Blake, Sally Lindsay, Michael McIntyre, Rufus Jones. Copyright: TalkbackThames.

Thank God You're Here

Improvisation comedy show hosted by Paul Merton. Each week four celebrities walk through a door into an unknown situation



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Quote: zooo @ February 19, 2008, 4:02 PM

I have a theory about Ant and Dec.

If they wear jeans on a show, they are good on it : SMTV and I'm A Celeb (the celeb bit is boring but their bits are funny.)

If they wear suits, they're rubbish : Saturday Takeaway, Britain's Got Talent and Pop Idol.

Laughing out loud

You could develop that into a sketch!

I think they're quite good on Takeaway actually. I think because on Britain's Got Talent and 'Poop Idol' because the focus isn't really on them they don't really get an opportunity to show themselves off.