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Nigel Farage to make a 'big' announcement at 4.00pm.
Followed, I should imagine, by a similar announcement from a dolphin.

Farage new leader of Reform

Tories will hate that

Obviously the Trump gig didn't pan out.
He's such a charlatan.
My money's on the Dolphin.

I think it's pretty clear Farage is looking to f**k over the Tories, then - if he gets his seat - lead a right-wing phalanx in opposition.
It's what a lot of the EU Right/Populist parties have done, so you can see his thinking.

There has to be a reason Rishi went way way early that we don't know about and may never know about

Because it doesn't add up

It was utterly bonkers

There has to be a reason that he was literally forced into going five months or so early

Either way it's likely to be one of the biggest mistakes in political history

Farage has decided to stand for election. That's great news.


Fkn beautiful...


Nigel Farage is revolting!

The ideal scenario is that he encourages the Reform vote, knackes the Tories but doesn't win his seat.
I would raise a glass to that.

To use a favoured insult from right wingers, it does make Richard Tice look a bit of a cuck.

On the Tories first party election broadcast , they've got the union flag flying upside-down....!

Which usually means 'distress'

I think it was yet another f**k up, but very apt

It might be like in America where the flag flying upside down indicates you think the last election was stolen. Perhaps they think they didn't really win in 2019.


Or it could be that the Tories entire campaign is being run by incompetent bloody idiots

Quote: Stephen Goodlad @ 4th June 2024, 8:33 AM

Nigel Farage is revolting!

Against the Tories you mean?

And generally.

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