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Blackadder. Image shows from L to R: Captain Kevin Darling (Tim McInnerny), Captain Edmund Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson), General Melchett (Stephen Fry), Baldrick (Tony Robinson), Lieutenant George Barleigh (Hugh Laurie).


The Blackadder dynasty has run through English history since time immemorial, seemingly always hampered by a Baldrick, and often a Percy and Melchett



  • Thursday 19th February 2009, 9:42pm
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Quote: Matthew Stott @ February 19 2009, 4:41 PM GMT

It's 2 and 4 coming out tops for me.



Jackson Neil

  • Friday 20th February 2009, 9:04pm [Edited]
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Top-notch ensemble comedy acting to me - Atkinson, Fry, Laurie, Miranda Richardson. A level above the likes of Gervais, Martin Freeman, McKenzie Crook, etc. Although I did really like The Office of course. Only Seinfeld can compare cast wise.


Ronnie Anderson

  • Saturday 21st February 2009, 4:11pm [Edited]
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The 3rd is easily the best. The Johnson episode is genius.



  • Saturday 21st February 2009, 7:44pm
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Miranda Richardson in series two is amazing. Behind Blackadder, Queen Elizabeth is probably my second favourite character in the whole series. She wasn't bad to look at in her Royal outfit either, if completely stark raving bonkers.



  • Saturday 21st February 2009, 8:30pm
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I think whilst 4 was great the legendary ending clouds peoples view into how good the series was as a whole.

For me Series 2 is the best.



  • Sunday 22nd February 2009, 1:21am
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Same as Zooo - 2 and 3, then 4, then 1.



  • Sunday 22nd February 2009, 1:30am
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Same as Zooo and SlagA

1st: 2nd
2nd: 3rd
3rd: 4th
4th: 1st

Or, if you prefer:

1st: 4th
2nd: 1st
3rd: 2nd
4th: 1st

That's clear enough, isn't it?



  • Thursday 22nd July 2010, 3:16pm [Edited]
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Anyone else think series 1 is underrated?


Jackson Neil

  • Saturday 31st July 2010, 2:02am [Edited]
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Quote: Badhead @ July 22 2010, 3:16 PM BST

Anyone else think series 1 is underrated?

Yes. It's vastly underrated, very good in spots. It has great moments. The witchsmeller pursuivant episode is really good I think and stands alongside some of the other series. Blessed is great as always, Percy too and Peter Cook's good in the opening episode. A very good series for me, obviously clearly the worst one though.

Regency (series 3) has always been my fave, very closely followed by 2 and 4 (equal).


Frankie Mildly Perturbed

  • Saturday 31st July 2010, 10:38am
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Quote: Ben @ July 22 2010, 3:16 PM BST

Anyone else think series 1 is underrated?


I wouldn't put any of them above the other myself. I'd liked all four and saw it as an evolution, Ben.

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  • Saturday 31st July 2010, 10:47am [Edited]
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Quote: Frankie Rage @ July 31 2010, 10:38 AM BST


I wouldn't put any of them above the other myself. I'd liked all four and saw it as an evolution, Ben.

What are you playing at, you old tinker? Oh wait, the evolution thing. I see!

I never go back and watch series 1. I really like series 3!


Matthew Stott

  • Saturday 31st July 2010, 11:59am
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I'm not sure I've ever actually seen all of the first series. I suppose I must have. Maybe. Love 2-4 though, especially series 2.



  • Saturday 31st July 2010, 12:14pm
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2, 3 and 4 are all great. But I'm rather fond of series 3.



  • Saturday 31st July 2010, 1:30pm
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Quote: zooo @ February 19 2009, 10:37 PM BST

I like 2nd and 3rd equally, then 4th third and 1st last.

I do like a good confusing sentence...

This. Can never decide between 2 and 3 for my faves. I think Edmund is at his most ruthless in 3.



  • Saturday 31st July 2010, 2:08pm
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Among my children, they like the third series the best.