Blackadder. Image shows from L to R: Captain Kevin Darling (Tim McInnerny), Captain Edmund Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson), General Melchett (Stephen Fry), Baldrick (Tony Robinson), Lieutenant George Barleigh (Hugh Laurie).


The Blackadder dynasty has run through English history since time immemorial, seemingly always hampered by a Baldrick, and often a Percy and Melchett



  • Friday 2nd November 2007, 10:01pm
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I've been arguing in another forum about the 5th part, I called it a very short series and got a load of crap. It was produced for the millenium dome, yes? But was it good? I thought it was funny. Even though it was only one show and the making of the show, is it still to be considered a 5th series or just a special, being that it is a Blackadder show and it is part of the whole series with all the regular cast? I love the rest of the series and the 2nd was my favotite expecially Potato with Tom Baker and Simon Jones.


Frankie Mildly Perturbed

  • Friday 2nd November 2007, 10:25pm [Edited]
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It sounds like it was a 'Special' to me. Can you have a series of one? (The making of can't be counted as a separate show to my mind...)

I never saw it (the Special!) but loved all incarnations of Blackadder and saw them all when they were first broadcast!

Wonderful stuff!



  • Saturday 3rd November 2007, 12:22am
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Back and Forth was the Millennium Dome 'Special', backed by Sky One - not by the BBC, so you could argue it wasn't even real Blackadder.

It's good, worth a watch, I saw it at the Dome and own the DVD (and it's been on Sky One), but at 33 minutes I'd hardly call it a whole new series. :)



  • Saturday 3rd November 2007, 1:21am
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Ditto that. It's a special. The making of thing is a "behind the scenes" special, of the special.

Other specials include Blackadder's Christmas Carol, and The Cavalier Years.


john lucas 101

  • Tuesday 25th November 2008, 7:22pm
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Yus, this is going to be on, according to a news feature on Chortle. It says although GOLD had a documentary, this one will have the first in-depth interview with Atkinson on the subject.

The main part of the article was to announce a new Royle Family xmas special.


Nil Putters

  • Tuesday 25th November 2008, 7:24pm
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  • Tuesday 25th November 2008, 8:10pm
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I suspect Rowan Atkinson took part in this one because it was a BBC production. Can't think why else.



  • Tuesday 25th November 2008, 8:41pm
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Poo poo's on their poo poo's!

Sorry, I'll get my coat.


Sir Geoffrey Loftus

  • Wednesday 26th November 2008, 4:07am [Edited]
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I think Blackadder is the greatest thing ever, comedy wise. Mr.Bean was amusing but it always bothered me watching someone who could play a surgically sharp character like Blackadder carry on with that comparatively retarded tom foolery.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it, but it was heartbreaking to not receive more of the other.

I wonder if they're getting Hugh Laurie in.



  • Wednesday 26th November 2008, 9:32pm
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Here's the description of the episode. It's 90 minutes long and scheduled on BBC1... although no exact date given yet.

Rowan Atkinson and the cast of the legendary comedy series Blackadder are back for a one-off documentary special this Christmas on BBC One. Blackadder Rides Again features the iconic cast in a documentary to mark 25 years since the original BBC transmission of the much-loved sitcom, first broadcast in 1983.

Blackadder Rides Again includes the first-ever in-depth interview with Edmund Blackadder himself, Rowan Atkinson, about his personal experience of being involved in the sitcom and its phenomenal success. Set to join Rowan are the core cast and writing team who have gone on to become some of the greatest names in entertainment, both in the UK and US. These include: Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Richard Curtis, Ben Elton, Miranda Richardson, Tim McInnerny and Tony Robinson.

Makes the recent UKTV Gold one look a bit weak in comparison.

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  • Thursday 27th November 2008, 3:54am
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Quote: Sir Geoffrey Loftus @ November 25 2008, 11:07 PM GMT

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it, but it was heartbreaking to not receive more of the other.




  • Tuesday 9th December 2008, 1:51am [Edited]
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DOCUMENTARY: Blackadder Rides Again
On: BBC One
Date: Thursday 25th December 2008
Time: 22:30 to 23:35

The entire cast of Blackadder appear together in a documentary for the first time as they mark 25 years of cunning plans and dastardly deeds. The show includes an exclusive in-depth interview with Edmund Blackadder himself, Rowan Atkinson, the first time he has agreed to be interviewed about his experiences making the show. Also reflecting on their time on the show are other key members of the team, including Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Tony Robinson, Rik Mayall, Ben Elton and Richard Curtis.



  • Tuesday 9th December 2008, 1:57am [Edited]
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Half ten, after all the turkey and alcohol I don't think I'll be able to keep my eyes open to see it. Must get DVD recorder fixed.