Channel 4 is spoiling us with new sitcoms at the moment, with Derry Girls back as well. But I have to say I rather enjoyed this. Certainly I think it's a good sign that at the end of episode 1 I want to see more from these characters, particularly Taj Atwal as Rana, who I thought was the standout and got the best lines.

Anyone been watching?

I'm a bit baffled by how it is an adaptation of an international format. Did they buy the exact plots and scripts? There's nothing about it that is discernibly unique to be a rip off if they hadn't licenced it, I'd have thought. Odd!

I'm still watching but I have to say I'm not blown away. There are quite a few funny lines, but it all feels a bit, I don't know, artificial? The stuff with the breadcakes was Sitcom 101 stuff. Maybe it's because it's on straight after Derry Girls, so the difference in quality is more stark.