Walter's Day Out (1926)

One of the last silent films, I should think with Walter Forde writing and appearing in this short, with smacks of Chaplin and Lloyd, about a clerk who takes his one-day holiday at the seaside, while trying to avoid his boss who was also there, and to add to the "mayhem" he is lumbered with a co-worker's two kids.

"Many of the scenes were filmed in "Dreamland", the amusement park in Margate", apparently - the amusement park being the only thing that was amusing.

Dreamland was of course also used in OFAH's Jolly Boys'Outing. I remember going there on a jolly boys' outing myself in the early 70s. Closed since I believe.

I'm pretty sure it reopened some years ago, Billy.

It appears to have had a chequered history with regards to closing and opening, and not sure from this link if it still is?

Bizarrely (courtesy of Wikipedia):

"In August 2019, the park unveiled a seven metre inflatable sculpture of Tina Turner's head"

Dreamland is open!

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