My punk band is sinking - I need to change its name so

........what shall I change it to?

A Gobsnot
B Industrial Clown Factory 27
C Head of Rayner
D The Fairies of Prance
E Vagrabbits
F Meinskrew Uberkampf
G Those Tiny Delicate Rose Petals
H The Winkwonks
I Chubby Brown's Working Men's Club
J Abbbaaaagh!

I would suggest "Horseradish" but that sounds too folk.

1. Kitten Puree. Classic punk.
2. Cancelled. Might not get many turn up for gigs though.
3, We're Doing Our Best. Bit unambitious.
4. The Magnettes. If all ladies.
5. Bonk. My favourite so far.

Poxy Moron


The Poxy Morons

So, yeah, currently we are Platypus Lethargy which is why we aren't getting any gigs.

I like the suggestions so far and am as always all ears.

The deep fried dildoes

On the theme you already have:

Echidna Boredom
Wallaby Tedium
Wombat Fatigue
Quokka Sleepiness

Frankie's Boil

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