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Harry Ham is now doing Cameos


Steve Whyley

  • Tuesday 20th July 2021, 10:31am [Edited]
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Apologies, I have posted to the wrong forum. Meant to post to critique. If the admin stumbles across this could he delete please as I can't seem to do it. Thanks!


Hey guys,

My mate and I have created a comedy character called Harry Ham. He's a washed up actor who starred in the Bill in the late 1990s and has fallen on hard times. In order to earn some money he's turned to Cameo video's for fans (celebrity video messages). Below is a trailer that gives you a flavour of what it is about:

and here's an example of one of his full videos (45 seconds) -

His twitter account is if you want to follow him!

Would love to know what you think and if you enjoy it!




  • Tuesday 20th July 2021, 10:35am
  • Ludlow, England
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I think he's pretty funny.
Good performance, whichever one of you it is.
Good luck with it.



  • Tuesday 20th July 2021, 2:24pm [Edited]
  • United Kingdom
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It's got legs, he's funny. The posturing reminded me of Jonathan Pie, but that could just be me. Best of luck.