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Quote: Godot Taxis @ 21st May 2022, 10:28 AM

The prizes are

League winner's cup

H2H trophy
Funny Pic trophy
Best Gag trophy
Punditry trophy

Wanker of the season

All are still open until FT on Sunday.

Also still awaiting the announcement of the best team name as promised on 29 July. I assume the winning team name is mine but perhaps you could just confirm?

Quote: Alfred J Kipper @ 29th July 2021, 2:43 PM

And there is a new award in our league for best new Team Name. Current leader is Horseradish for Acapingdemicals. :)

Quote: Godot Taxis @ 21st May 2022, 10:28 AM

If you couldn't read and write I would believe you, but you obviously can so pease don't take the piss. Ranking 25 puns in order takes 10 minutes. There are hundreds of miles between the racecourses you've mentioned. Are you seriously telling me you can't spare a few minutes on the train or driving to chose a name for the League you've been in all season?

That's coming from someone who's taken a full week to make this response.

Quote: Godot Taxis @ 21st May 2022, 10:28 AM

The League you've been asked by Kipper and me at least five times to delete.

That's the same Kipper who (i) asked me to set it up and (ii) has been happy to remain a member of it for the entire season is it?

Quote: Godot Taxis @ 21st May 2022, 10:28 AM

Wanker of the season

I've already selected my choice for that one.

The good thing about week 38 is that it all happens in one go, the only week that does
So I 'm looking forward to the classic banter, insightful comments, and witty interchange that's bound to occur between us chums for those exciting 90 minutes
and the quick well done Don afterwards

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this thread used to be the best thread in the entire BCG
And It can be again, we've only got the things that Piss you off and Skitcomp thread to beat,
come on chaps I know we can do it

As per usual my attention span with fantasy football (and remembering to come to this thread) has failed me, ha.

^ Get rid, Admin.

:) Rulz is rulz

Which have been ignored, broken or bent by several. If the strict banning order is applied to one it'll have to be applied to all who transgressed. We'll be back to a handful of players. Please be mindful of the efforts to get the league back to a competitive size, this didn't happen overnight. Thank you. Congrats to this season's runaway winner Don, equalling Steve's 3 (three) league titles. 🎈

Congrats Don Very well played

I hope one of us does better than Liverpool and manages a quadruple

Right I think that's everything
See you all next season

Thank you Alfred and Steve.

Hard lines to SG, who lost the cup final to a non-poster.

Yes, congratulations, Don (although the league has yet to be updated as I write, I'm assuming you haven't been caught!) If only Littlehampton had performed as well in today's FA Vase Final.

Many thanks, Billy!

Quote: Alfred J Kipper @ 22nd May 2022, 7:00 PM

Please be mindful of the efforts to get the league back to a competitive size, this didn't happen overnight.

I don't think sending out a few PMs counts as much of an "effort". If there were an Effort Scale, it would probably sit somewhere between breathing and scratching your arse.

The cups are interesting. I was out from the off in our league when Stephen beat me in the round of 16, but another league I'm in with ex workmates and which I also ranked low in, I actually got to the final of the cup, coming runner up against... a guy who also ranked low in the league.

I finished with a whelk flip and a whisk like zing-a-ding.

Came in 35,000 and something for the week.

My highest position overall of the 38 weeks by far.

I should have got an extra point. It was the only week that I forgot to do a free transfer. That would have been Mendy in goal so 2 points rather than Begovic's 1.

Joint silver in the Leagues of Gentlefolk.

Joint bronze in Up the Cocks Without A Piddle.

I will settle for thats.

None of yous saw that coming.

Thanks to everyones for taking parts in what I arranged for you alls.

Tarra for nows.

Cilla Black.