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  • Saturday 8th May 2021, 7:29pm
  • Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Hi folks, new member here. I'm Liam Taylor, co-host of The Conversation Hat Podcast: a show for geeks, artists and terrible people. We've been running for a few years and I'm really proud of the shows we've published over the years. Some of our guests include Tony Law, Iszi Lawrence, Steve McNeil, Rich Wilson amongst many, many others.

The show is up on all good podcast apps, here's a Spotify link:

And a link to our website:

Yes, we'd love to chat to you if you'd like to record a guest episode with us. We're looking for active comedians, (well, as active as you can be during COVID), so ideally you'd have gigged a fair bit in the past and have some kind of active podcast. YouTube channel or online show. We'll also chat with non-comedians: musicians, writers, podcasters, artists, anyone who makes stuff!

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoy the show,