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The Last and Spiciest of the Peter Pans 26.4 - 4.5.21 Page 2


Michael Monkhouse

  • Friday 7th May 2021, 5:22am
  • Eternal City, Italy
  • 5,912 posts

You learn a new thing every day.
For example... If you put all the Spice Girls CDs in a long line, starting at John O'Groats, you get really tired.

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Friday 7th May 2021, 11:58am
  • Tipperary, Ireland
  • 1,054 posts

A very strong week this week with lots of different styles. After plenty of deliberation I whittled it down to three. Gappy, Firkin and Playfull but for sheer originality it has to be Firkin.