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Quote: fasty @ 9th April 2021, 11:17 AM

Yep, some proper old-school tasks this week. Very good.

Yes, I'm really enjoying this series so far too. Lee Mack with his loo rolls this week was a particular highlight *lol*

Funniest episode of the series tonight. Loved Lee Mack's prize and Wozniak in the clingfilm task.

One of the funniest moments ever last night with Wozniak. Even Greg lost it.

Ummm. If he was an ex-doctor(?) he should know you shouldn't strain like that if you suffer from Farmer's.

The funniest one ever for me was Tim Vine and the "disappearing hook".

Really enjoying this series, last night had some really good old school tasks, especially the photo one (although it is infuriating how, despite doing worse than the others, Mike will always get ahead because he's Greg's best mate).

Wozniak stole the prize task and the blind walking task.

Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Morgana Robinson, Guz Khan and Victoria Coren Mitchell are in series 12.

I'm a huge fan of Taskmaster. I've probably watched series 1 to 9 four or five times each, not even counting the hundreds of clips YouTube throws my way every week.

But series 10 and 11 were just shit. And it's because there's no audience.

When there's an audience feeding reaction to the contestants, the contestants understand that whatever they just did to f**k up in the VT was actually comedy gold, and they play into it.

In series 10 and 11 they just look miserable. Greg calls them a bunch of c**ts or whatever and they just sulk.

I'm incredibly angry that they seem to have already shot series 12 under pandemic conditions rather than waiting to go back to normal. Series 12 is probably going to be balls also.

Taskmaster NZ was way better than UK 10 or 11.

I've saved series 1 to 8 on DVD for the very reasons you say. 9,10 & 11 were not a match on the first eight for so many reasons.

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