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Quote: Hercules Grytpype Thynne @ 7th October 2021, 9:26 AM

I don't think that really works - not in this day and age anyway.

It's meaningless, unless there really was a laundry of that name, which there wouldn't have been.

Back to normal :D This is what the troops want.................

Quote: Hercules Grytpype Thynne @ 9th October 2021, 6:14 AM

Oooh! Racist!

Quote: Chappers @ 9th October 2021, 11:27 AM

Oooh! Racist!

And this from a man who constantly baited keewik :P

The original name was Billy f**k me backwards, but it was censored.

And not a mention of breasts!

Quote: beaky @ 10th October 2021, 12:08 PM

And not a mention of breasts!

You should have said you were missing them - picked this out specially for you. Enjoy! :D


For some reason, it is not now loading - I give up after five attempts

NOW, 24 hours later, it has appeared! :S

Lucky they weren't both seriously injured.

We'll try again, and see if the loading probs. have sorted themselves.

Is that the alternative caption, Herc?

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