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Sitcom Mission 2021?



  • Wednesday 6th January 2021, 3:58pm
  • England
  • 717 posts

I was looking to submit this year and was checking the about page ( I see that last year the competition opened on the 1st of January.

Any news when 2021's entries will open?


simon wright

  • Friday 8th January 2021, 11:49am
  • London, England
  • 455 posts

Good question. Because we haven't been able to stage last year's winners yet (for obvious reasons) they're our current priority, and we haven't got our heads around Sitcommission 2021.

Depending on when we can safely get commissioners into a venue, we may have to launch much later this year or even in 2022.

I wish I had a more helpful or optimistic reply for you, but I'm afraid I don't.