Not Going Out Christmas special

Brilliant. Loved it. Crammed so many good gags in.

Mack & co have been pretty good at bottle episodes these last couple of years (the other being the skydiving episode). Bunch of fantastic comic actors stuck in one place with rising tension and escalating madness, and Toby's rage at the end was brilliantly cathartic, heh.

I liked it but it has to be said there is an unpleasant mean spirited element to the dialogue. The warmth when Tim was in it is sorely lacking. Anna and Toby for example, yes the bickering is funny but there's a limit. I've said it before but I'd occasionally like to see some evidence these people actually like each other, let alone love each other, that goes for Lee and Lucy too. I know conflict drives the drama but the constant snipes do get tiring. It is sort of addressed in the episode but not enough. That said the ending was brilliant.

I enjoyed it too, it's still not as good as the Tim Vine years but it's still funny and watchable. I am looking forward to the new series in January. Nice to see the small dedication to Bobby Ball too at the end of the credits.

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