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Quote: Michael Monkhouse @ 20th February 2021, 5:40 PM

Been following on Bacefook.

You have indeed, many thanks. Very few people have interacted on FB (or even BF), I think it's somewhat out of fashion.

Of course, we are very much out of fashion, so it works quite nicely.

Today we reached 100 consecutive days with new sketches. We're only 10% in, but I actually believe we might achieve this gargantuan task now...

Nearly there, just one more push through the remaining 90%...

Quote: playfull @ 10th March 2021, 3:29 PM

Nearly there, just one more push through the remaining 90%...

We've broken the back of it.

No, wait, no back. Ankle. I mean ankle.

I wonder whether Otterfox listened today...

We made it to day 150 today!

Alas, whilst 150 consecutive days of new sketches sounds impressive, 15% of an endeavour sounds rather less so. Still, what better day for you to get round to listening?

(Actually, I think day 149 is funnier, but you could always listen to both).

We reached day 200 of daily sketches today! OK, that still leaves 80% of the project to go, but it's still an achievement.

Quite a good one today, I think.

That's very impressive, well done. Your next press release could be "Albion's run set to outlive GB" (if Sturgeon gets her way)

1000 days is a long time in politics.

You need to up your promotional efforts -
Now 10% funnier!
Or start a readers list, who is with you for the long run.
Long listers (as opposed to long covid) have the chance of having their name used in a sketch?
Also if you link it to a just giving page at 1p per sketch that would be a tenner from me for a good cause! And a reason for mentions in the media.?

Keep going, good luck and remember, if practice makes perfect, you could be the next Tracy Ulman.

I was away and offline when we got to 250 days, but what the hell, today's episode is better, anyway. Join us. Be one of us.

Day 255 was rather blue for you gappy. Great stuff.

Glad you enjoyed. We do sometimes write some sweary rudeness (and by "we", I mostly mean "Laura").

We are now one third of the way through this farcical endeavour. Be honest, who thought we'd make it this far?

Strangely, today's is one of the very first recordings we did, having been saved up all this time for Spooky Week.

Come and have a listen to a sketch or two, if you fancy:

Yeah, I've been tryna support Ye. But I keep getting blocked on Facebonk

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