It's A Great Day! (1955)

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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

  • Saturday 1st August 2020, 6:19am
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Film based on The Grove Family, the first soap on TV, and a fairly mundane comedy with a few faces, such as Victor Maddern who I'd just seen in "Crossroads to Crime", Michael Balfour playing his usual minor crook role, Sid James as a dodgy car dealer, sexy Vera Day as the dumb blonde and 14 year old Christopher Beeny (Upstairs, Downstairs footman - died Jan. 2020) who played the Grove family son.

Not bad for a nostalgia freak like me and did have a couple of good jokes and is only just over an hour long, but there was one ridiculous scene which involved the theft of some Italian ceramic tiles by Victor Maddern and Michael Balfour and these large wooden crates (about 4'x3'x1') they came in must have weighed far more than two men could lift, yet they put six of them in the back of a van like they contained feather pillows - they're actors, you would have thought they could have made it look hard, not a piece of piss. (Anyone who has picked up a box of tiles will know how heavy those bastards are!)