The Kemps: All True

The Kemps: All True. Image shows from L to R: Martin (Martin Kemp), Gary (Gary Kemp), Ross (Perry Benson).

The Kemps: All True

Music documentary spoof following former Spandau Ballet superstars, siblings Martin and Gary Kemp

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Sunday 5th July 2020, 11:50pm
  • United Kingdom
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Did anyone else see this? The style reminded me a bit of Cunk, which isn't a bad thing. I enjoyed it.



  • Monday 6th July 2020, 8:40pm
  • Royal Berkshire, England
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Some really wonderful gags in this. Very enjoyable.


Rood Eye

  • Tuesday 7th July 2020, 9:45pm [Edited]
  • England
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I've just watched this.

Very decent script, the two Kemps are likeable and are surprisingly good comedy actors and the other cast members were well-chosen and performed well.

Well worth an hour of anybody's time!