It's In The Bag (1944)

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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

  • Friday 19th June 2020, 6:10am
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Like Tommy Handley in ITMA, this shows yet again that rarely does humour from the post war period travel well (the exception for me would be Max Miller) with the likes of the then very popular Elsie and Doris Waters, here in their alter egos of Gert and Daisy.

Tired childish humour with a bit of slapstick, I won't bother with the "plot" suffice to say I did manage to watch it to the end to see if it would improve.

Nice though to see Irene Handl, Esma Cannon and Edie Martin in their early careers.

(A sort of post script: -
OK, so there were severe restriction at the time over what you could not make jokes about, but/and this is where Max Miller was so clever with is innuendo.)



  • Saturday 20th June 2020, 10:44pm
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Yeah, sadly none of Gert & Daisy's films stand-up very well today. A shame, but I think one does have to keep in mind not just the much more conservative nature of the times, but also their propagandist nature and the element of simple, light relief that such productions brought at a terribly trying time, and the need to to churn out such productions to keep national morale up.