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Thinking Inside the Box - philosophical sketch series


Sam Gould

  • Sunday 26th January 2020, 5:27pm
  • London, England
  • 2 posts

Hi all

We've been running our year-long sketch series for 43 episodes now.

Here's the pitch:

Two box office staff ransack their intellect in response to life's big questions; consciousness, existence, the self... and what Buddhist's make of Marmite.
We follow their philosophical musings as they battle boredom, apathy and the general public, wrestling through the day while struggling to think outside the box.

Each episode presents a short vignette; a glimpse into the rambling conversations of our two under-motivated protagonists as they touch on various elements of the human condition; boredom, existence, contentment, vanity, wisdom, possessions, potential...

We'd love to invite any feedback on the show which is currently here on BCG:

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