Dial M For Middlesbrough

Did anyone else watch this on Gold?

Great cast - shame about the script. :(

Nope. Trailers were enough for me.

It's perhaps easy to imagine that if you take a group of highly talented comedy actors and point a camera at them, you're bound to record something worth watching.

Indeed, it was that belief that kept me watching Dial M For Middlesbrough after I'd suffered through the first five minutes. I mean it just had to get better: it just had to.

Unfortunately, it didn't.

It was about two hours long but I have to admit I didn't watch all of it or anything like all of it: it literally put me to sleep. :(

If you just dump a bunch of actors in front of a camera without a decent script, they just end up doing their party pieces and it's disjointed mess.
Sadly because the bulk of commissioners can barely read, they just rely on having "that funny bloke off the telly" in it.
The more the merrier as far as they're concerned.

Great cast but absolutely dire a few funny lines but that was it the script was awful

Just decided to watch it tonight and after about half an hour I gave up. A bit cliched although interesting to see Annette Crosbie and daughter together.

I watched the first one of this particular franchise and yes, a total waste of an extremely talented cast.

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