Last Holiday (1950)

Last Holiday. Image shows from L to R: George Bird (Alec Guinness), Miss Mellows (Helen Cherry). Copyright: STUDIOCANAL.

Last Holiday

Alec Guinness-starring Ealing comedy about a man who is told he doesn't have long to live

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TPTV film that qualifies under the "Comedy Film" forum.

Light bitter sweet comedy about a lonely agricultural machinery salesman (Alec Guinness) who on discovering that he only has a few weeks left to live, draws out all his money and has a slap up time in the poshest hotel in Torquay where he finds a world he could only dream of previous, but despite changing fortunes and many offers finds he cannot accept the move up in society.

Seeing Sid James with a near full head of dark hair was a bit disconcerting, and there were the likes of Bernard Lee and Wilfrid Hyde-White again with the oh-so petite Esma Cannon. And in uncredited parts Peter Jones as Travel Agent and Charles Lloyd Pack as Bank Cashier.

Amusing film made all the more delightful by AG underplaying the humour.