The Good Place


Old Lady Leg

  • Thursday 14th March 2019, 1:23pm
  • Complete and utter Kent, United Kingdom
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I've watched a couple of seasons and I'm slowly drip-feeding myself the rest. I actually find it really funny, but it's such a quirky little series, you really have to be committed to the show in general, in order to cope with the constant circle of events that surround the regular characters.

Ted Danson's character is in charge of 'looking after' people who have died and gone to 'The Good Place', or so we're initially led to believe...ooh! There is also 'The Bad Place' and things get very awkward for one recently deceased young woman who goes to 'The Good Place', but soon realizes she shouldn't be there...and only got there because she has the same name as someone else who really SHOULD be there, or so we're led to believe...oooohh!! People from 'The Bad Place' get involved and things get a bit silly from then on. Good comedy performances all round. (quoted from my post in 'What are you watching on TV?')

Is anyone else watching this? It may be one of those shows that gets overlooked whilst idly side-scrolling through the never-ending Netflix reels...or maybe you just think it's shit.



  • Thursday 14th March 2019, 1:45pm
  • United Kingdom
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We watched this on Netflix. I was drawn in by the visual experience, rich, bright, clean primary colours and surreal landscapes. I was hooked by the main characters. It's also very optimistic and shiny, which I found uplifting. That said, I lost interest after the first series.