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  • Monday 6th May 2019, 5:53pm
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Quote: Alfred J Kipper @ 6th May 2019, 10:41 AM

Maybe another reason is ITV have invested a lot of money in a theme park apparently, with rides based on ITV shows!

No, ITV has signed an agreement with a company who are developing a new theme park where its (predominantly kids') shows could be turned into the subject of rides and attractions. They would be the recipients of money, in the form of licensing for their brands and IP.

So has the BBC.



  • Monday 13th May 2019, 6:58pm
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Rising Damp is good no question about that. But to say no there was no other decent ITV comedies is IMHO wrong.

Watching ran for 56 episodes over 7 series had huge ratings and was consistently funny over all 7 series. Some brilliant one liners particularly, from the wonderful Emma Wray. Rest of the cast were solid as well, with Noreen Kershaw as Emma Wray's manic mother