New comedian / milf on the Bristol scene- hello!



  • Friday 24th August 2018, 2:16pm
  • Bristol, United Kingdom
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Hellooooo- I'm 41 from Somerset, making my poor family endure hardshio so I can chase my lifelong dream of being a stand-up comedian - then panel show guest- then write a book !
Check out my first gig on youtube to find out a bit more about me , and my style !


Rood Eye

  • Friday 24th August 2018, 3:19pm
  • England
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To be fair, I've seen a lot of new (and not-so-new) comedians do a lot worse than that.

You started off very nervously but most people wouldn't have realised that and, after that somewhat shaky start, you quickly got into your stride.

You certainly have potential as a comedian but whether or not you have any success in the business will depend entirely on whether or not you can be funny without talking about sex and bodily functions.

If you can, you'll be a comedian. If you can't, you'll just be a woman who talks dirty for money.



  • Tuesday 2nd October 2018, 9:05am
  • Glasgow, Scotland
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As good as any of the rest of them.Filth is funny.Good luck.