BCG Fantasy Premier League 2018/19



  • Thursday 9th August 2018, 2:52pm
  • Guildford, England
  • 7,515 posts

New thread for this season. I've set the league up again. You should be able to join if you renew your teams. If not, code to join is .

There is a strong possibility you have been renewed, if you were in the league last year. There's a shitload of people already in it, so I guess this has happened to most of you.

I've also created a Head-to-Head league (BCG H2H). Code is:

For newbies, go to

Create a login, then create a team, then click on 'leagues' >> then 'Join a League' >> then enter the code above

For oldies, note any new rules. And tell me, cos I've not read through them yet.

Enjoy and encourage members to join.




Alfred J Kipper

  • Friday 10th August 2018, 9:42am
  • Aldershot, England
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I think that must be the non clique league which half of the Sudan is in and don't post on here.

Could you put the CLIQUE LEAGUE code up please for members who post on here to join. Goodlad tried to join last season but you didn't put the clique code up so he couldn't get in. Not shitloads Dan, If you look at the clique league there's hardly anyone left in it and yet members on here want to join if you look at the other thread.

Cheers Alf

PS We are still waiting for Godot to join. He possibly means it as a joke or he's given up as well. And Sunshine too given up or changed his name. Can you or someone give them an alarm call? And the others Spodge and co. and those who've tailed off but haven't actually died. Have a good look at yourselves please and then pull yourselves together and rejoin, Chappers.


When In Rome

  • Friday 10th August 2018, 10:43am
  • Rotterdam (or anywhere), United Kingdom
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MADE IN EGYPT Mohamed Fakri
????? ???? ?????? 22 Mohamed Fakri
???????? ?...???? Mohamed Fakri

I wonder if it's the same person. Multiple entries not allowed surely.

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