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Tommy Griff

  • Sunday 10th June 2018, 9:18am [Edited]
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Couldn't find a thread for this although I know it's strictly 'Bottom', but wanted to discuss this film as a separate entity if you like.

So, is this Eddie and Richie in a parallel universe where they suddenly own and run a huge B&B but are still mostly as stupid, thick, perverted twots? Or is this Eddie and Richie's (From Bottom universe) unofficial cousins? Or are these two very similar idiots with the same humour?

Did Eddie and Richie somehow survive multiple automatic weapon gun wounds to the chest and stomach area, told by government officials to take the money and run (as killing them seemed freakishly impossible and were afraid of public backlash on the treatment of two vulnerable idiots so therefore didn't want to try to kill them any further) and end up at the Guest House?

Isn't it 'Thwaite' and not 'Twat'?

So many questions..

I remember watching this on video as it was released and finding the vomit scene unbearable as I was off school with the sickness bug.

Funniest moment for me was Richie trying on the red rubbery cat suit thing. Absolute perv LOL.

Never realised at the time of viewing that Spudgun was the drunken chef.

A few cameos from stars such as Simon Pegg, Bill Nighy and Emma Pierson (God, she is sexy).

For me, Ade Edmonsun is a complete arse for changing his mind on a Bottom reunion. Rik would have loved to have brought this back - why not? Everything else is brought back. I don't care about comebacks and for me, a comeback never ruins an original. It's a no lose thing. If a comeback works, great. If it doesn't - they tried.

Ade regrets his decision since genius Rik passed away. I think two old farts would have worked very well - even better than when they were playing 30 something year olds.

Your thoughts on the above?



  • Sunday 10th June 2018, 10:45am [Edited]
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I really like Guest House Paradiso (apart from the vomit bit. Despite being grossly over the top I just can't stomach that sort of thing). I think the fight scene in the kitchen is the highlight, it;s a shame Ade didn't go on to direct an action film because he's got a better eye than some Hollywood directors who shake the damn camera all over the place.

As for your questions, half of them I think can be answered by the fact that Rik and Ade never wanted it called 'The Bottom Movie', that was just added onto the DVD cover. Despite ostensibly being the same characters, it isn't in the same universe as the TV series. And I know it's totally juvenile, but the candle in the eye scene is brilliant. The making of documentary is fun too

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Definitely Tarby

  • Sunday 10th June 2018, 3:34pm
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Not seen the film for a long time so will have to get the DVD with some extras on it including said documentory. Some very funny moments and I love the scenery next to a gloomy industrial plant. For years I wondered if a cherub in the music video of Angel In My Heart by Eurythmics is Steven O'Donnell who played Spudgun in Bottom and posted it on the Bottom facebook page. It sparked a debate and it was about 50/50 on what people thought until someone who knows Steven asked him and posted a snippet of his reply that confirmed it was him. #smug

I didn't know a Bottom reunion was on the horizon but was scuppered and I'm surprised it was Ade that backed out. I can watch hours of Ade in Britain so must get the boxset.

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