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BBC Ouch at the Edinburgh Festival Writing



  • Monday 21st May 2018, 11:41am [Edited]
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I had a lot of fun doing this last year. I got a chance to work with Ed Morrish and perform in front of loads of people.

The following is copied from the BBC ouch page.

Your disability tales are wanted for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

We know you all have unusual, complicated and humorous stories just waiting to be told ... and we're here to help you tell them.

We're holding our third BBC Ouch storytelling event at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. The theme this year is Going Out - interpret that at your will.

So, if you have a story, a desire to write it and perform it on stage, then keep reading.

Perhaps you had a dilemma because you had a funeral to go to and all you could bring yourself to wear was orange.

You were ready to impress at a brand new job but your guide dog was sick over your boss' designer shoes.

Or maybe you went to the cinema and wondered why everyone was glaring at you only to discover afterwards that you had seven missed calls, but your hearing impairment meant you hadn't noticed them.

Whatever the tale, we're interested and your stories are going to be far better than our examples. All we ask is that the story is true, you are disabled or have a mental health difficulty, and that your story incorporates this.

If chosen, you'll get to work with a top comedy script producer and perform it in front of an audience at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August.

Follow the link for more